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[The Best of August/September magazines: Haim for V84, Amanda Seyfried for ELLE, Cara Delevingne and Pharrell for British Vogue, Daria Werbowy for British Vogue, Georgia Jagger for LOVE issue 10, all via Glossy Newsstand]

dkn-why not?

DKNY knows how to make New York look like everything you want your life to be, and nothing it is. 

Ever since Cara Delevingne became the face of their spring/summer 2013 campaign, DKNY has taken a turn for the painfully cool. No longer is it the brand that moms lust after for stretchy aerobic clothes–like most city savvy ladies did in the '90s–but a shelter for the urban girl who's a little bit classic and a little bit rock'n'roll. (Donny and Marie, anyone? No? Okay.) Oh, and peep Curtis Kulig stealthily marking his territory–because there aren't enough "Love Me" graffiti Instagrams as it is.

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where we've been, where we're going

The past couple of months have been rather silent on the blog front. As a prep-course in what to expect in the coming months (read: lots of things regarding fashun'n'muzik), this is what we've been loving during our internet sabbatical. 

[From top to bottom: Louis Vuitton Resort 2014, black strappy heels, HAIM!, magazine archives, fashion+sk8r life=dream street, Mick, ~*sass*~, all white/those crazy fucking Céline sandals]